Title 24 Energy Consultants

 Policies & Fee Schedule

Title 24 Energy Consultants Policies

  • Results of  Title 24 compliance reports are based on plans provided.
  • Plans received are dated by our office.  “Dated Plans” are recorded upon receipt.
  • The Title 24 compliance report is based on your “Dated Plans” and is guaranteed through plan-check.
  • Changes made by your client to the project after the Title 24 compliance reports have been completed will incur additional charges.
  • City plan-check corrections resulting from a Title 24 compliance report, based on your “Dated Plans” will be corrected by Title 24 Energy Consultants at no charge to the client.
  • Title 24 Energy Consultants reserves the right to request payment from clients before beginning the calculation process.
  • Payment shall be made before Title 24 Energy Consultants provide any documented results of the compliance report.

Title 24 Fee Schedule

Square Footage Description Per Report
Existing Residential(REMODEL)
100-1,500 (Existing + Addition) Total Square $325.00
1,501 to 2,800 (Existing + Addition) Total Square $375.00
2,801 to 3,500 (Existing + Addition) Total Square $450.00
3,501 to 4,500 (Existing + Addition) Total Square $475.00
4,501 to 6000 (Existing + Addition) Total Square $550.00
6001 + Above (Existing + Addition) Total Square Call for Quote
Residential (NEW)
Up to 1,500 Total Square Footage $325.00
1,501 to 2,800 Total Square Footage $375.00
2,801 to 3,500 Total Square Footage $450.00
3,501 to 4,500 Total Square Footage $475.00
4,501 & 6,000 Total Square Footage $550.00
6,000 + Above Total Square Footage Call for Quote
For Non-Residential Reports, Call for Quote: (619) 504-5610
By Sq Ft. Envelope Calculations Call for Quote
By Zone Mechanical Calculations Call for Quote
By Type Lighting Calculations Call for Quote
By Job Outside Lighting Call for Quote
By Method Complete Building Performance Call for Quote

For Non-Residential Compliance Reports, Please Call (619) 504-5610 for Quote.

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